Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Week 11 Reflections

What a busy term, I can't believe it is already over. We have had so many positive learning experiences. The Dance celebration was so much fun and the children really made us proud. The group who visited the Mahinga Kai exemplar to look for whitebait had such a good time and have been very focussed on looking at Whitebait and how we might help protect the species and we finish today off with cooking up some patties to try some. Our digital learning has improved out of sight and it is so pleasing to see the children using their devices in so many ways to support their learning.  The children enjoyed studying the book "There's a boy in the girl's bathroom" by Louis Sachar and then sharing their activities and answering the questions on our class Twitter account as part of the Chapter Chat programme.

As today is my last day of teaching at Banks Ave I want to say thank you to all of the children and parents who have made this a hugely enjoyable part of my life over the last nearly 15 years.  I wish you all well for whatever the future holds.  Have a great holiday break

Mrs Searle - Becks

Monday, 26 March 2018

Week 9 update

Hi families,

By now all children should have brought home a notice about Wednesday's performance. We have said they can wear a traditional cultural costume from their own culture or black please. We have said it is not a Mufti day. We will get changed at 1pm into our costumes. Any questions please ask us.

Thank you to all the parents who helped out with our Inanga field trip, it was lovely to see you so involved with the children. The children really enjoyed themselves. Keep an eye out in the newsletter for our information report about whitebait that will be coming soon.

The wholemeal snack is working well at 9:30 and the children do seem more settled in their learning after it. It has been pleasing to see those children who are now eating wholemeal bread that weren't before.

We hope you have a great Easter and remember that the Tuesday is also a holiday for the children.

Thank you for your continued support

Rebecca and Jan

Dance Performance

Everybody Dances!

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Next Wednesday at 1:15 we are participating in the school Cultural celebration. Our performance will be on the back court.

For our item we would like the children to dress in one of two ways:
  1. A costume reflecting your family culture (not just mufti clothing) or black clothing (as plain as possible please)
  2. Hair - can be done specially for the day (gel, special ‘hair do’)
  3. Shoes - need to be comfortable as we are a large group dancing together

We welcome all families and friends to join us. The children have been working really hard on this and have made huge progress. They are excited and nervous about performing.

Children will get changed at lunch ready to go. They will wear school uniform in the morning.

Kind Regards

Jan and Becks

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Some Exciting News

Some Exciting News

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Image result for exciting newsThis is to let you know that I have been successful in a job application at West Eyreton School. I will be
leaving Banks Avenue School at the end of term 1 to begin a new position as Assistant Principal at
West Eyreton School in term 2.

For me this change of position is positive of many levels as well as being a promotion. This promotion is
something that I have worked towards over a number of years. I will also be working a lot closer to home
and being nearer to my own family which will be great for all of us.

Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and work with your children. I have enjoyed my 14 years
at Banks Avenue immensely and will remember my time here fondly. It will be business as normal for the
rest of the term and management have the process underway of employing a new teacher to work
alongside Jan in the Dudley collaborative environment so we can continue the same style of learning
Image result for exciting news


Rebecca Searle - Team Leader and Dudley Class teacher.

Parent Help

Hi everyone,

This week on Wednesday and Thursday we have events where we need parent help.  You will have seen this via the school newsletter and a notice the children brought home this week.

Trip 1: Duffy theatre at Shirley Intermediate 10:30 - 1
Trip 2: Lantern festival at Shirley Boys High School 1 - 3

If you can help with either please call in and let us know or send a reply email.  We would really appreciate all the help we can get.

Thank you so much to all of the parents and families who came to the Learning Conversations.  It was lovely to have a 1:1 conversation about learning and your child.

Thank you for your continued support

Becks and Jan

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Week 4 thoughts

Hi families,

A few reminders:
Sunhats - These can be left in tote trays, bags or on hooks - whatever the child is most comfortable with. It is just important that they must have one at school every day this term.
HEART Celebration - Please remember to bring togs and sunblock for our swim on Wednesday.  Thanks to the parents who have offered to help - yes please to all of you all, see you at 10:50 ready to leave at 11am.  We will be back by 1pm.
Learning Conversations - if you haven't made an appointment you could email or ring Jenny to make an appointment.  We are looking forward to seeing you. Please bring your own chrome books to the conference.
Water bottles - Remember to encourage your children to have their water bottles at school everyday.  We have been thrilled with so many of the learners having theirs at school.  It would be great to have 100% of the learners with a drink bottle at school.

Thanks to those of you who came the other night to meet the other families and hear a little about the programme and learning in Dudley.  It was lovely to see you all.

Have a great week
Becks and Jan

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Week 3 News

Another busy week and an interesting one too. We found on Monday that a lot of the children were very tired, what exciting weekends you must of all had. We now have over 60% of the class on their own Chrome books. This is making such a difference to the learning we are doing. The children who are new to Chrome books learning is increasing exponentially as they learn about working in a digital manner. They are focussed and on task as they complete learning tasks.

Some reminders for the next week:
  • Cellphones - please send a letter to Mrs Burnside to ask permission if your child needs a cell
phone at school. They also have to hand it in to the teacher at 9am for the day to be kept safe.
Check out the policy on the website if unsure.
  • Learning conversations - These are coming up in week 5 please remember to book these to develop the learning relationship with your child and us, as it is so vitally important for academic success.
  • The pink slips that came home on Wednesday need to be filled in and returned please. It would
be great to get these all in before the conferences.
  • Water bottles - these are needed at school every day, please ensure your child has one and it is
  • Shoes - Cross Country is coming up and we will be training. Please send your child in appropriate
shoes such as sneakers/trainers.
  • BYOD - If you haven't and are considering purchasing your child one it will certainly benefit their
learning in Dudley. Please look at the school website or in at the office for the example of the
specifications needed.

Please check out our Twitter page to view some of the learning we have been doing in Reading. For those that haven't yet seen the class blog please do visit and sign up for the emails.

Don't forget to come along to the 'Welcome' and Fish 'N Chip evening on Monday 19th Feb 5:30 - 6:30pm. Come and have a look at Dudley, meet us and hear a little about our programme.

Thank you for your continued support
Becks and Jan